Monday, February 22, 2016

Cheap Art: Recycling Old Calendars

I admit it,
I'm a serious pack rat.

I can't help it. 
I see possibilities in everything.
For instance, 
an out of date calendar.
Once the year is up,
do you toss yours?
Of course I don't……..
it goes in the "art file."
You can reuse all those great images
you were drawn to when you purchased it!
They can be repurposed as wall art,
used for decoupage, card making, gift wrap…..
I needed some more wall art in my retail booth,
so I took this thrift store boring piece...
took apart, cleaned,
and reframed using one of the calendar images...
People love roosters - especially in a kitchen.
This one is in my booth 
For Sale: $28.

And just think, 
I have 11 more to choose from!!!!!
I could do a whole wall of roosters…
This is why I need a bigger house.

SheShe, Packrat and Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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