Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A project using antique fruit packing labels

My friend, Lisa, just shipped me a box 
of these wonderful antique fruit labels.
 I couldn't wait to use them for a project!!!
I took a wooden shelf,
cut, painted and nailed bead board to the back,
then pasted the labels on the back…
One of the labels was so fragile, I damaged it gluing...
But that's okay - I like it that way!
 Next I added some clear and dark waxes to age the interior,
 and protect the labels.
 And on the bottom of the piece,
I screwed in mason jar lids.
 And added these jars - in a great aqua.
(Although these look vintage,
they are actually new from Target!)
 This is gonna look SO awesome 
hung on someone's kitchen wall!!!!
I love how the aqua glass sparkles.
Lots of storage, 
and you can use the jars to store whatever:
Tea bags, coffee, sugar, candies…..
the possibilities are limitless!!!!!!
And you can get all that stuff off the countertop!

This piece is for sale. $85.
(And thank you, Lisa!)

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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