Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chairs for Sale: French Country and Lucite Modern!!!!!!!!!

Today I decided to update this sweet little 
french country arm chair I just purchased.
 Nothing wrong with it really, 
but you know I have to put my stamp on it…
Plus it's always nice to freshen up upholstery.
So after cleaning the wood frame,
 I removed the dust cover enough to find 
the screws that secure the bottom cushion.
 I removed that for recovering.
 I removed the piping from around the chair front, and reupholstered in
this sweet homespun ticking in powder blue and cream.
 Then I reglued the original trim.
 I added a large nail head to secure the ends.
I left the back of the chair as is.
 I recovered the bottom and then reattached it.
 Here it is in my booth at RVA Antiques on the Avenue.
Here's a similar chair.
King's Lane for $749.
 Mine is $259.
What a deal.
 I also added a pair of these amazing Lucite chairs.
 Boy are they hard to photograph!!!!!!!!
The pair is $259.

You need to come shop here!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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