Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Couple Clever Makeovers of Trashed Pieces

I have quite the reputation in the hood……
My neighbors always see me working outside…
picking up things in the alleys….
sawing and stapling and painting pieces..
turning trash to treasure….
So when my next door neighbors recently moved,
they left a couple of pieces for me that they didn't want anymore….

Here's what they looked like 
when I found them out in my side yard:
 This hexagon end table/cabinet that was missing its doors……..
And this pleather storage bench 
that had a caved in top and torn fabric….

Neither of these made me jump for joy,
but when it's free, I am not picky.

It's an opportunity to do a little reinventing...

So here's what I did with the table:
 I spray painted the inside this vibrant turquoise.
 I painted the outside white.
 Then I gave it a weathered wood treatment 
by distressing and adding various stains.
 The outside is rustic, the inside is a rush of color.
 I cut out fabric to match the shape of the bottom
and made a little cushion
for the inside.
One side of the cushion has little daschunds……..
 …the other side, this fun floral.
 Now it's an end table AND a pet bed!
Two in one.
Clever and space saving.
For Sale: $ 85
 Now onto the storage bench..
I removed the hardware and the top.
 Because the top needed some support, 
I rebuilt it by adding padding and a piece of plywood.
Then I removed the feet. They just unscrewed.
Next, I decided on this tan and white striped ticking...
I stapled the fabric along the inside and bottom edges…….
For the top, I folded over the edge before stapling inside,
to have a nice clean look.
 Bottom is done, now the top: 
I used an old sheet to cover the new padding.
 I matched up the stripes, and then covered the top.
 I also covered the inside so it would look nice
when it's opened up..
I put all the hinges back.
 I decided to use gold paint for the feet...
 They will give a little glam to the piece….
It's all done!!!!!!! 
Quite comfy and totally solid.
It will be perfect at the foot of a bed…
Or as a coffee table/ottoman.
For sale: $125.

These will be going into my booth, unless they sell first.
So shoot me a text or email if you want 'em!
First come, first serve!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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