Thursday, August 6, 2015

Scrap Lumber Project Reveal: Patchwork Furniture!

So yesterday,
I blogged about painting all these pieces of scrap lumber…
I knew I could do something fun with them, 
but just wasn't sure exactly what!
 Until I popped into Diversity Thrift.. 
And found this work table.
I could hardly wait to get home.
Once it was out of the car,
I started laying out the blocks on top.
When my arrangement made me happy,
I nailed each of the pieces to the MDF top.
Man, I am loving this!!!!
Top is done,
now to the frame.
 I started slapping on paints,
just like I did with the blocks.
I used white, yellow, pale aqua, and turquoise.
Ugly now, just wait...
 Again, I didn't want the paint job to look too nice………
I wanted to see pieces of bare wood,
woodgrain, etc.
 Next, my secret weapon.
Minwax stain in Provincial!
 I just started brushing on the stain……..
 …And then I'd wipe off.
See how it darkens all the exposed wood?
Instant antique!!!!
 I worked in sections…...
 Brushing on…...
 And wiping off...
 So gorgeous!!!!!!! 
Every piece looks like it's old salvaged painted wood.
 Next I did the same to the frame…….
Brushed on stain,
then wiped off.
Would this not make a wonderful kitchen island???
OMG, I'm in love.
But I kept looking at the bottom railings…..
such a waste of space……
...but my remaining scrap wood pieces 
aren't wide enough to reach the railings.
I eyed a piece of scrap plywood...
I flipped the blocks over, in position
and then centered the plywood on top
and nailed through into all the blocks.
Then I dropped the piece into the railings.
The plywood bottom keeps it from shifting.
 I just think this is so incredibly beautiful.
 The patina of each piece…
miniature pieces of artwork….
 Like an old worn quilt...
 I added a couple of hooks on one end...
And three on the other.
For hanging pots, aprons, utensils, dishtowels,
So utilitarian…
lots of underneath storage now.
large tabletop surface…but narrow.
ain't nothing pedestrian about this piece!!!!
Wilma thinks it's pretty special too.
The perfect kitchen island!
Office work table..
Or a bar/pub table...
Sofa console table...
Foyer table…
Endless possibilities!!!

If only my kitchen were big enough,
it would not be leaving home!!
57" long, 17" wide…..37" tall.
I'm selling this piece for $375.
And I have a feeling it might go quick.
So if you're interested, 
contact me fast!!!!!!
(And thanks, Barb, for the ingredients!!)

Sheila Fox
SheShe, The Home Magician

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  1. I saw one tonight that is half your size and nice but not a pretty as your's that I saw in person. This picture does not do it is smokin' and the one I saw half that size was almost 200.00, not as sturdy, the wood would not hold up if it got wet and it was a tad frail in general. I wish I could put it in my new sunroom but I would be run out. I got two new dog beds to match the room, a bright Capri blue to match the love-seat and one that is almost the color of the painted wood on the recliner :-). I would like to frame a picture of this newest table/bar/work table.... because it would flow in this room :-0.