Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Scraphappy Furniture Craze Continues!!! A pair of melamine bookshelves...

I'm on a roll!
You've seen these simple pieces before….
Walmart, Target, Ikea.
Well, after seeing the console piece I recently finished,
a neighbor asked me to do something fun with these for
her daughter's first apartment.
To the garage I go…….
I found this old futon frame I disassembled……
and some bed slats.
I pull out my "go to" paints…
which I now just keep in this box 
so it's at my fingertips.
And I had a paintfest……...
If it was wood….
…I painted it.
After the paint dried, I measured and started cutting
the pieces with my table saw.
And, like a puzzle, covered each side,
…top, and bottom.
I glued, then nailed each piece onto the frame.
These will be able to be used separately,
or as a tower.
I didn't like the exposed edges, tho...
…so I went behind the house where I had put
some old slats from a louvered door…
…and painted those up as well.
I cut and nailed them to the front edges to hide the lip.

Okay, the puzzle part is done.
Now for the patina.
I brushed on, then wiped off stain.
Last step before I delivered these was to line the
shelves with decorative paper.

But the most fun part of this process…
is what's ahead…

A new idea!!!!!!!!

from even more scraps!!!!!

Aren't they fun? 
So all the little pieces are in a bag…
just waiting for a rainy day.

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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