Monday, August 10, 2015

A set of vintage oak chairs with veneer issues are rehabbed!

 I picked up yet another set of vintage oak chairs recently
at a thrift store.
I couldn't help myself…
I was really drawn to the detail in the chair fronts.
Aren't they lovely?
And I really didn't want to paint them, 
but all the seats had serious veneer issues.
 So I figured out a way to salvage them without painting.
First, I sanded down the spots that were missing veneer. 
Then I patched with stainable wood filler.
 When the filler was dry, 
I sanded the patches down even with the wood.
 Then I applied a deep Jacobean stain to the areas. 
and the patches practically disappeared!
 Next, I cut out batting and fabric to upholster the seats.
 (This is the last of the botanical fabric I've used on many projects.)
I turned the edges under and stapled all along the perimeters.
 They are all different, 
but still a set.
(You know how I hate matchy-matchy!)
After running out to Lowes to pick up antiqued brass nail heads,
I came back empty handed.
So i pulled out a bag of old ones that I had removed from some chairs.
I stuck them in a cardboard box and used Brasso to "bring them back"
enough to match the antique brass nail strips I'm using.
Worked like a charm.
Recycling at its best;)
Here they are in my booth at Greenwood Antiques & Uniques.
They were with a table for about five minutes,
until it sold! So I split them off in pairs until I can get another
table in to go with the four.
Would make a great dining room set.
The set of four is for sale at $265.
They are sturdy, no wobbles,
and have the original worn wood patina.
You can hardly notice the repairs to the veneer
because most of them are covered by the upholstery.
A little extra padding for the bum is a good thing!

I'll be heading to Greenwood later in the week.
Shall I bring them back for you?

Sheila Fox
SheShe, The Home Magician


  1. Love the addition of the brass nail heads.

  2. THanks, and they are S O L D!!!!! Thanks, Suzanne!!!;)