Friday, April 3, 2015


My friend, Nancy, has this front porch.
Nothing really wrong with it,
it's just looking, well, sort of….
And the textiles are all faded after a couple years...
They looked nice when they were new...

So…Nancy says it's time for an update!!!!
Oh yeah.
And just in time for spring.
Come check out the NEW porch
I just completed for her this week!
Nancy wanted to keep the two resin wicker rockers.
I cleaned them up, and repositioned them and
added new outdoor throw pillows.
I love all the indigo blues that are out there right now…
…so one of my first purchases was
this beautiful moroccan style cobalt rug.
And I found this great round outdoor ottoman.
All the pieces on the porch 
are designed to be repositioned with ease.
Nancy wanted a bench on the other side of the porch
so she could recline when the sun hits it
And she got it!
Actually, I ordered three ottomans from Pier One, and along with
outdoor cushions in "Maui", I positioned them together.
So it serves as a bench, 
but they can also be separated for seating…..
It's like a modular porch!!!!!
I love this white carved wood table with all the blues….
It, too, can be positioned wherever it's needed...
I went to many different stores 
and purchased lots of beautifully patterned pillows…
Behind the ottomans, 
I have a vinyl shower curtain in a similar
pattern tucked in to the back of the cushions
and draped over the porch railing.
When it rains, or just to keep the cushions clean and bright,
Nancy just has to flip it over and tuck in at the front,
and everything is protected!
I added a few placemats for extra color.
I do believe this is my first makeover 
where I didn't actually MAKE anything!
Or use thrift pieces.
All new store-bought items.
It was a shop-o-rama!
And I loved it.
Thank you, Nancy.
Enjoy your new space!!

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