Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fruits of My Labor: Don't Toss The Ugly Furniture!

William needed more clothes storage.
Instead of buying a new piece of furniture,
I suggested using a couple of random chest of drawers
I found in the home:
One was in the garage, the other in the attic.
Remember, if it's a functional piece, 
ugly can be fixed!
For instance, 
this fruity one….
 …and this one with flowers….
were painted many years ago by William's mother.
Gems in their day but now,
not so much...
Time to say goodbye to the decorative painting.
 I had to do quite a bit of sanding on this one 
because the old paint was just flaking off.
 I'm painting these in Annie Sloan Graphite.
 After one coat...
 ….after two coats...
 After distress sanding the edges,
I waxed with clear then dark wax.
 Buffing brings out the nice sheen.
 Here you go.
Two nice looking dressers….
Or if floor space is tight,
why not stack them to make a highboy! 
That's pretty darn clever if I say so myself;)

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