Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Faux Stainless Steel Topped Coffee Table!

I found this little particle board coffee table
in the alley the other day…
It had some damage to the top…
not a lot you can do to particle board that's gotten wet.
But you know me,
I hate to give up on anything!!!
So….I gathered my tools….
…and my secret weapon:
This vinyl I purchased at Ufab 
that looks like brushed stainless!
 I cut around the tabletop, leaving some overhang….
then I spray adhesived the top and 
placed the fabric on top.
Next, I carefully flipped the table upside down,
and stapled the turned edges on the underside, 
then trimmed the excess.
 I flipped it back over,
 and it looks like this.
You can see the brushed texture here….
Next, using these little wire nails,
I hammered in all along the four sides...
If I weren't low on them, 
I'd try to simulate riveting…
like this….
 …but for now, 
this will do….
 One little industrial coffee table……
the cost of this was $17.99 for a yard of vinyl, 
and a couple bucks for the nails.
I used a black Sharpie paint pen to touch up the legs,
and it looks like a brand new piece!
And I saved yet another piece of furniture from a landfill.
Yay me!

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