Monday, April 6, 2015

It's Time To Go Up On The Roof!!!!!!!!! My Thrifty Rooftop Oasis

Every year about this time….
as soon as the temp doesn't dip below freezing any more…

I really never know what my rooftop deck 
is going to look like from year to year.
Although I decorate for a living,
when it comes to my own home,
I usually just make do….
Just depends on what crap, I mean, 
I've acquired of late.
Well, just recently two clients gave me their cast-offs: 
Outdoor taupe cushions and a brown outdoor rug.
And I'm thinking, 
"Egads - I hate brown……"
But, since I consider it a personal challenge
to work with what I've got….
That's what I'm going to do.
So bring in the colorful textiles!!!!!
 Bring in the fun accessories!
Bring in all those houseplants that have been
 clogging up my upstairs loft all winter!!!!!!!!
 Bring in the plastic Ikea child's table that I found in an alley
and spray painted……….instant ottoman/table.
(Brown? What brown?)
Here's the uncovered portion of the deck:
Rug - alley find.
Cushions - alley finds.
It's bright, it's poppy, and it's all free.

Now, once the pollen hits,
I may do a serious cleaning and redesign.
After all, 
you never know what you're gonna come up with
if you're 
The Home Magician.
Enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!

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