Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Rescued Old Toy Chest = New Digs for Babar!

This old toy chest has spent many many years in a storage shed.
 My friend, Teresa, gave it to me this week…..
All the wood is covered in this paper that is flaking off...
 Here's the inside………
same situation: flaking disintegrated paper.
The handles are in great shape.
 I'm going to begin this process by scraping off the paper.
 After the scraping, I sanded……….
here you can see the one section I've yet to tackle…
and the rest where the wood is revealed.
 Next, I used walnut gel stain over the slats and the metal edging.
 And for the rest of the wood,
I gave it a good rubbing with lemon oil.
 But the insides are still yukky….
 So I found an old book that was coming apart, and removed the pages…
and with some spray adhesive….
 I begin to randomly cover the insides with the pages...

 After all the paper was in place, 
I used Modge Podge to seal it.
 Here it is the next morning.
Now it's all nice and clean…
inside and out.
Looks like Babar is enjoying his new digs!
This great little trunk is for sale 
in SheShe's booth. $89.
Yep, Babar's for sale too….$22.

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