Monday, January 5, 2015

Upcycling a Huge Piece of Framed Art

I came home one afternoon recently
to find this inside my front door:
It is indeed one huge ugly cheap piece of art…….
(Thank you, Harry and Lillian,
for hauling this thing all the way
from Northern VA!)
Funny, though, how a solution can appear 
to a problem just at the right time.
One of the reasons why I love what I do…

Here was my challenge:
My client, Nancy, has this awesome kitchen 
with french doors that lead out to a covered porch.
 It's awesome three seasons out of the year!!! 
To open up the doors and bring the outdoors in.
But come wintertime, 
not so much.
Last winter, 
she literally had snow on her kitchen floor...
Blowing in through the central crack!
The doors are drafty, 
and even after hiring a door guy to come over
and install weather stripping, 
the kitchen is still frigid.
And so….
herein lies my solution hopefully…
First I primed the frame and art.

 Next, I painted the frame in Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray,
and I used black chalkboard paint for the interior.
 After several coats, 
I hand painted a little design around the chalkboard,
with a white Sharpie paint pen.
Today I took it over to Nancy's.
Huge, portable weather barrier.
Huge chalkboard to boot.
another fine upcycled item
saved from a landfill.

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