Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making Pillows from a Canvas Tote Bag.

 Saw this cute little tote bag at Marshalls this week….
The last thing I need is another tote bag...
 But I couldn't resist…
I love images printed on canvas…
it got my wheels turning…...
 I used some fabric remnants for the backs. 
(Thanks, Julie Herring!)
 After stuffing with polyfill, I stitched up the seam.
Here's the first finished pillow...
 And here is the pair...
 For the second one, 
I cut out the word "DOGGIE" 
raveled the edges,
and sewed it onto the front.
 The backs……...
The fronts.
Doggone it, they're cute!!!
Great gifts!!
$28 and $32.
$52 for the pair.

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