Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Going CrayCray Painting on an Ice Day

I was supposed to go to a client's today, 
but when I slipped on the icy pavement 
and almost landed on my arse,
I decided to stay at home and have a play day!

It didn't take me long to get out the paints….
 I bought this at a thrift shop recently.
I can't decide if it's an owl or a parrot, 
but it's ugly.
 After priming, 
using my stash of craft paints, I just started painting.
 My goodness, he is one colorful bird.
 After  putting on a stain layer….
I love him!!
Instant folk art!
 So I decided to continue with the crazy color thing….
Here's a jewelry cabinet from Bombay Company that I
picked up last week at RVA Antiques...
 First I primed it with this bonding primer…

 And once again, I just started painting...
 …and painted….
 …and painted….
Definitely need to get out of the house tomorrow…..
Bird is $32
Jewelry cabinet is $125

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