Friday, January 9, 2015

I guess I'm a one booth kinda gal

Parting is such sweet sorrow…..
Most of you know that 
I opened a booth here in Richmond this past summer.
RVA Antiques at 6102 Lakeside Ave.
It's been a fun ride, 
and I've loved working with the owner, Tammy,
meeting so many awesome local dealers,
and making new "junking" buddies.
But unfortunately,
my sales haven't justified keeping my booth there.
So I'll be leaving the end of this month.
And concentrating on my efforts towards my larger space at 
Greenwood Antiques and Uniques
in Greenwood, VA.
 I'll be slowly downsizing this month,
but there are plenty of treasures
 through the end of the January!
(Mention this blog and get 10% off anything!!!)
 I must say, 
I think my booth looks better than it ever has!
 You can actually see things in it now!!!!!
A little decluttering is a good thing!

And even though I won't have a booth here any longer,
I will definitely be back to shop.
They have unique inventory and excellent prices!!!!
As a dealer, I find lots of things here for resale.

It's been a real pleasure.
And I thank all the ladies at RVA Antiques!
Y'all rock!

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