Friday, September 18, 2015

Suzanne's Settee

 My client, Suzanne, recently asked me to redo this settee.
The fabric is drab...
 We weren't too happy with the paint treatment…….
 Sort of "forced" looking in the distressing….
The seat and back were very "lumpy" and uncomfortable..
See how the back sticks out?
Not the best upholstery job I've seen.
Step One is Deconstruction.
Now I know what was sticking out of the back..
Looks like someone nailed in pieces of panelling….
hmmm…very interesting….
I removed the wood, and then found springs, batting and foam.
 I stripped everything from the back so I can rebuild it.
The bottom is in pretty good shape.
(This process can be really tedious as you have to remove 
all the staples and tacks that are everywhere.)
I moved it outside, and began painting the frame 
with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.
 Over that, I dry brushed Country Grey...
 And over that, Old White.
Then I distress sanded and applied dark and clear waxes.
 The frame is done.
 Now the upholstery begins.
I added two layers of batting to the seat
and trimmed/stapled along the edges.
 Now, time to rebuild the front/back.  
I started by adding a strip of webbing.
 Two horizontal strips, and then six verticals strips 
were stapled to the frame after
weaving them in and out…...
 After that, I added the existing foam, 
and two layers of batting…stapling all the edges.
And did the same for the back.
Now time for its new clothes!
Suzanne had chosen this delicious turquoise and lime
ikat fabric from Ufab.
I upholstered the seat, back and front,
making sure the pattern was centered, and pulling taut.
 I stapled along all the edges, 
and then I trimmed the excess.
 Now it's all done except for the trimming!
I cut lengths of cardboard strips...
Then covered them in the fabric...
 And glued them to all the edges of the fabric
to hide the staples.
For reinforcement, I added large pewter
nail heads to the ends.
For the back, I used gimp.
I finished off the corners with the nail heads, too.
 And it is finished!!!!!!
Come and get it, Suzanne!!!!

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Sheila Fox

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