Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Islands in the...Steam? Another Alley Rescue

It is amazing how one little alley 
find can totally take over my day.
I saw this vanity around noon....
 first, I had to remove the giant hutch that was in my car 
so I could go pick this up.
It had been someone's bathroom vanity because it had been retrofitted 
with cutouts for plumbing.
It had no finished back.
I wasn't really planning on working 
outside all afternoon.
I still had some of these painted bed slats left over 
and thought this would be the perfect way to use them!
I'll use them for the top.
 I basepainted the cabinet in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in Provence, 
and then layered several different 
colors and mixes on the door and drawer.
Then I started nailing on the slats for the top.
I cut everything to size with my Ryobi circular saw.
Love this thing....battery powered.
It's coming along...
I like the many tones of greens and blues.....
Then I flipped it upside down and added slats to 
the bottom sides.
And I added metal casters.
Now it's a rolling island.
 I added a fascia board to extend the bottom.
Next, I cut a piece of beadboard 
to create a finished back.
I used more slats to finish off the bottom edge on the back and sides.
 Then I sanded down the edges,
and started staining everything.
I used Minwax Provencial.
I brushed on, then wiped off...
 Almost done...
I added porcelain "clock" knobs to the drawers and door. 
 Lots of good storage in this piece. 
The left side is a door, and the right has two deep drawers.
I added a hook to the side...
And this awesome kitchen island...
or rolling bar or server...
 is finished!
Dimensions are: 38" tall by 40" long by 21" deep.
It's for sale. $249.
 I think it's going to look awfully nice with this large painting
I just finished this morning.
It's called "Pop Art Pods" and it's for sale at $189.

I loaded the island back in the car,
because there's no room in the inn;)

Both pieces are going to my Greenwood booth in a few days,
so let me know if you're interested in purchasing!
It is now 7:30 pm.
My day is gone.
It's drink and bath time.
 and fried.
But it's a good fried...

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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