Saturday, September 26, 2015

Embrace those Mistakes!!!!! Chair Makeover with Linen, Burlap and Lace

my mistakes are what inspire me to
create something totally unique.
Take this little tub chair...
First I had to rip it apart...
To get to this...
 And then I began rebuilding it.
First I upholstered the seat and bottom front...
 Next, I covered the chair in foam...
 And then batting,
stapling and sewing until it resembles…
a chair!
 Now she's ready for her new clothes……
I did the front and then the arms in this ikat….
But I went to make the cushion cover, 
I ran out of the fabric…
so I had to improvise with a seam...
So now I have a close-to-finished chair…
with an off center seam down the cushion top.
I had to pause for a day or two to decide what to do with
I wasn't liking the fabric on the chair anyway.
everything was "too round."
I thought about this large spool of vintage lace
I bought recently….
Since the seam was slightly off center,
I hand stitched the lace trim over it.
Then I added another line of lace,
so at least it looks intentional now!
 I used the lace to edge the arm to front seams as well…
I sewed it onto a strip of the linen fabric 
and then glued to the seams.
The flip side of the cushion and back are
covered in this neutral linen.
And I planned to use it for a band along the chair bottom as well;
it just doesn't feel right...
 I decided to use a burlap sack for the back...
I added old nail heads along the top and side edges.
Since now I don't have to carry this banding to the back,
it allowed me to gather it…….
I stitched lace to the top edge and attached it with
staples, then nail heads to cover.
This gathering now makes the chair feel in proportion.
 It softens all those circles!
I sewed the lace over twill tape 
and glued along all the seams to hide the staples.
 Incorporating the lace in other places 
now makes the top of the cushion
feel like a design choice!
I love it now!
Other side of cushion...
A little throw pillow also softens..
Little grain sack pillows are perfect.
When I love it,
it's done!

It's going to my Greenwood booth tomorrow.
And I must say,
it is sweet as pie.
The perfect little boudoir chair!!
(Give me a shout if you're interested.)

Need some upholstery?
Send me a photo,
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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