Monday, July 20, 2015

Simulated Old Farm Table Top for a Photo Shoot

Most of you know my former profession was in advertising…
I have a great many friends who are still in that industry,
or in affiliate industries.
And God bless 'em!
My friend, Sonny, is a photographer and he asked me this past week
 if I had any rustic white tabletops for a food shoot he had coming up.
He wanted the table to look old.
Well, I didn't have one, 
but I decided to make one.
Which I did…outside yesterday…
one of the hottest days of the year.
 I started by purchasing 7 1x6" pine boards from Lowes.
 I spent a lot of time picking out boards that weren't warped…..
with the assistance of a nice young man at Lowes.
Once I got home,
I spread them out, trimmed them down,
then used two furring strips on the back
to secure the boards.
 Then I flipped it over. 
This will be the "old" tabletop.
I'm using my favorite line of paints for this project:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Because I need to finish it quickly!
Delivery today!
 And let's begin, class!
I'm starting with random brush strokes of French Linen.
 Then Paris Grey.
 Then I did a white wash of Old White.
 Next, more random brushstrokes with Pure White.
 Then I added some Jacobean stain, just brushed on here and there….
I made sure to "hit" all the natural knots in the wood.
 I also added some driftwood stain...
 I came back in with some dry brushing of Old White.
 This is looking quite nice...
 Final steps, adding clear and dark waxes...
 It "brings down" everything
and just helps with that aged look
Plus it will buff to a lovely sheen, 
and help protect this surface for hopefully
many photo shoots to come.

Thank you, Sonny!
I hope your shoot goes well!!!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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