Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Indian Cow Bells: Enhancing with a little faux painting

 I purchased these indian cow bells recently from a discount store...
 They had sort of a fake gold patina, 
which I didn't think was very interesting.
But I knew I could improve them.
 Here's the process:  
First, lightly dry brushing navy chalk paint.
 Over that I added dry brushing of greek blue, provence, and peacock chalk paints.
 Then a little duck egg, and paris grey.
 ,,,and back to a little navy,
 After drying, I used minwax stain in jacobean - 
i brushed on, especially
in the nooks and crevices...
 …and then wiped off the excess.  It sort of "eats away" that chalky vivid look,
and ages everything down to muted tones.
 And now, they look like authentic old cow bells.
The magic of just a little faux painting.
These would make great wind chimes!

For sale: Large bell $28; medium: $24; small $18. Set: $60

SheShe, The Home Magician

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