Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blue & Linen Toile Arm Chair

 I purchased this deconstructed chair at a private sale last week.
 Guts and all! Ha…
Actually, this saves a lot of labor,
because half the work in reupholstery
is removing the old fabric…and nails…
and staples……..it can take hours.
 I had to do a little glueing to the arms..
but structurally, 
the chair was pretty sound.
Before upholstering,
I added a little dry brushing of Duck Egg Blue
to the frame. And waxed.
Then I started the reupholstery work
 by adding some new foam
to the seat.
I'm going to use this blue and linen toile fabric.
First the seat….
 Next the front...
 The fabric is pulled to the back and stapled.
 Wow I'm ready to rebuild and finish the back.
I added lots of batting and burlap first.
Here is the finished back after stapling and trimming in gimp.
 I used big nail heads at all the edges.
 Since I had lots of this fabric on hand, 
I used it as well for the dustcover underneath.
 It's finished!
 Beauty shot in my mom's front yard.
 (While I worked on this, 
my mom made homemade applesauce from
that apple tree in the background!)
Here it is in my space at Greenwood Antiques & Uniques. 
I recovered this little ottoman in blue and white to go with it.
Chair: $265
Ottoman: $55

Hope everyone is back in that work groove,
after the long weekend!

Sheila Fox

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