Monday, July 6, 2015

Rehabbing a set of Quarter Sawn Oak Chairs

 I found the most wonderful 
set of chairs at a local thrift store...
 Quarter sawn oak.
Mission style backs.
Check out those barley twist legs!
 The seats were all damaged…
the frames needed gluing and restoring.
You can see how dry the wood looks on the left.
First, I removed the disgusting seats.
These will all need to be rebuilt.
I used wood glue on all the loose joints...
Then I taped until dry.
After they dried, 
I used this: Howards Restor-a-finish in Dark Walnut.
The wood just glows after using this product.
Now all the chairs have soaked up the oil and look consistent.
On to the seats. 
After removing the staples and nails,
and ugly covers,
I ended up with this:
A frame, and a plywood piece.
The plywood on all the chairs was not salvageable.
So I  cut out new pieces from some scrap lumber I had on hand.
Next I layered batting over the wood, and then this fabric,
which I stapled tight along all the underneath edges.
Nice, heh?
These are pretty utilitarian, not ultra comfy,
but boy, do they look nice!
And they've already found their new home,
paired with this antique pine farm table.

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