Friday, July 24, 2015

A Sunporch Makeover!!!! From Doggy Room to Cheerful Retreat!

Without further ado,
here is the project I have been working on this week:
Margaret's back sunporch.
Right now, it's used mainly for the doggies.
Margaret wants my help in transforming this room
into her little slice of heaven:
A bright and cheery retreat where she and her 
doggies can relax.
She has this dark mission style recliner...
…this corner cupboard…
…wall mirror...
She's thinking she'd like me to paint the recliner 
to lighten it up,
and position it in the back corner of the room..
where she can look out the windows.
She has purchased these sweet pillows,
and loves all the bright colors in them.
She's also purchased lime green cushions for this sofa,
which she currently uses out on her deck.
She wants me to paint it in a vibrant turquoise
and move it inside.
And of course, we need to paint the room!!
Something serene, airy, soothing….beach like...
And finally, a new TV stand.
This one is way too high and blocks the view.
So I'm ready to start!
Here's the color for the sofa:
Sherwin Willliams "Capri."
And I'm off and running!
This is painted...
Now to the inside.  
As you walk in, there is the corner cupboard that I blogged
about yesterday.
I painted it in ASCP in Duck Egg and Old White.
I also began painting the room in
Benjamin Moore "Woodlawn Blue."
I liked it...
it created a calm space for all the other bright colors to live…

But once the sofa and cushions came in,
Margaret felt the color was too drab.
So we came up with another option,
Sherwin Williams "Bathe Blue,"
which is on the left here and you can see,
a much brighter, cleaner aqua.
And this led me back to the cabinet,
and I decided it, too, needed a little more pizazz.
So i added some bright turquoise,
dry brushing over the existing paint.
And then mixed it with a little white, 
and continued dry brushing different tones.
Here it is after I waxed with clear and dark waxes.
Then I lined the inside glass panels with fabric 
to hide the clutter.
And are you ready for the room reveal?
Well come on in…to Margaret's….
…."beach retreat."
As you walk in,
you see the back of the turquoise
sofa with the lime cushions.
Eye candy immediately!!!!

Over in the back corner, is the recliner.
I painted the wood in ASCP Duck Egg,
and added this wonderful throw of Margaret's.

Changing out the pillow to the light one seems cleaner.

Over to the right,
 I brought in a new piece of furniture
to serve as a TV stand.

It's actually a piece I painted awhile ago.
Sort of a tramp art type with
cowboy art on the inside back,
and stencilled
"No cowgirl blues here"
on the outside.
It's the perfect height for the TV.
And adds some funk to the room.
I love it here!
Looking back towards the entrance (far left) 
you can see the sofa with the cushions
and pillows….
I added this moroccan floor mat in front.
I rehung the wall mirror after painting it in whites and aquas…
Below it, I placed a narrow table with shelves,
and some of Margaret's decorative pieces..
Then I went "hunting" in Margaret's house and found some other goodies!!!
We took two small scatter rugs and put them together for a larger one
in front of the sofa.
And I love this little table that I pulled from the living room
I added a tree trunk slice,
and a decorative ball that was a gift from Margaret's brother.
It's so Zen!
I also like the relief of a couple pieces of wood tones
in the space……
sort of like nature;)
All the colors came together beautifully, 
and here you can see the door to the deck, 
which is painted in the same turquoise as the sofa.
Come on in here, fellas!!
It's time to check out your new digs!
Gracie is like, 
"Wow!! I could get used to this!"
Remember how it began?
Margaret loves her new retreat!!!!
And so do the doggies.
(Word is they've "graduated" to the sofa!)
I have to say, 
it is quite the transformation.
I love it too, Margaret!

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  1. stay in this room all the time now. The mission's chair is an amazing recliner so I may never leave it except to eat. Now my living room. I found a larger rub kinder the two small ones and have it here at the river and posted it on fb. Now I can have an eye fest, retreat and color therapy all the time. It makes me so happy and in two days ive said that about 64x's...probably more than my whole life. THANK YOU FOR GIVING MY SOUL ITS NOURISHMENT. Soul food always was my fav. :) You worked magic and had too carry me thru the wall painting :) . Thank you for the transformation I
    on so many levels.