Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AM Alley Find = PM Liquour Cabinet

On my way to a client meeting this morning, 
I picked up this piece in the alley:
 Just a basic cabinet/bookshelf.
 Nice feet….missing a couple shelves.
 I cut out a shelf from a piece of particle board.
 I had some old fence lumber left over from a recent project,
just small pieces, so I used them to line the back….
 And I used a couple more boards to line the top shelf.
 Next, I cut down a wine rack I've had in my garage forever….
and screwed it in from the top.
 I used a bed slat that I cut to fit the width of the top, 
to hide the cut I made on the wine rack.
I love the texture of this wood!!!
 I moved the piece outside and began painting the exterior. 
I used Paris Grey and Old White chalk paints.
(That's Miss Priss in the window, supervising my work.)
 After the paint dried, I distress sanded all the edges,
and then I began waxing….
 Here's a close up of one of the feet….
 I used dark wax over the clear, inside the crevices and along the edges...
It's finished!
I added some wine glasses,
 And on the top shelf, I placed liquor bottles…..
 Below that, 
I used a vintage chalkboard 
to line the back...
 On top, 
I placed a wine rack…
 I love the sparkle of the glass 
against that rustic back!!!
Now I have lots of needed storage.
The bar is open!!!!
My cocktail is poured.
Long day!!!!!

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