Saturday, July 11, 2015

Retro "Egg" Chair Set Revamped with fresh upholstery

I picked up four of these retro "egg" chairs this week:
  This has to be the worst upholstery job I've ever seen. ha..
(Inspector Wilma reports for duty.)
 I removed all the cushions...
 And gave the chairs a good scrubbing.
 Here are those lovely cushions...
 I removed all the fabric to find nasty old dirty batting..
So I replaced with new batting.
 I decided on this indigo and white faux bois print.
Here they are with a little tulip table.
Set for sale: $199
Little navy pillow: $22
Faux planted orchid: $22
For the other two, I decided on this ikat fabric.
Once again, I cut and covered the cushions in new batting.
Then I cut the fabric a few inches wider on all sides.
 Then I hot glued the edges all around the back.
(Here you can see the bolts that attach the cushions to the chair.
 Not too shabby either!
 Here's the pair: $175.
(Or $199 with the tulip table.)
You can also mix and match.
The four would be killer as dining room chairs 
with an old farm table!!!!!
I love mixing up styles.
Set of all four chairs: $320

Love Love Love these!!!!!!!!!
Oh, if I could just keep it all!!!!

SheShe, The Home Magician

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