Sunday, June 5, 2016

As Snug as a Bug....

 I purchased this pair of chairs from Class and Trash last week.
Love that place.....
I couldn't get the fabric off fast enough!!!!!!
 You may think this is the finish....
 It's actually years of filth. Blech.
 I gave them a good scrubbing.
 Ready for reinventing.........
 I really loved the cane sides on these chairs, 
but unfortunately one side on each chair
was damaged........
 And while i really THOUGHT I was going to go totally neutral on these...
 I got kind of sidetracked as usual...
You'll see in a minute.......
 I decided to use different fabrics...
in the pale taupe/linen palette.
A stripe for the seat, 
and a Schumacher tiny houndstooth for the front.
 But I still had to address this damaged cane.
I sewed it with needle and thread to keep it tight.

 And then I went to my scrap bag and found this.........
A little linen remnant with a bug......

 So I upholstered just the part of the caning that was damaged.
 And then I used different trims...
 On the back, I added this oatmeal pleated linen
and trimmed it out in gimp.
It's unique,
you gotta give it that!
This is a better representation of the color..
soft greys and taupe.
I love that I could keep some of the caning.
Unfortunately, the damage on the second chair was too 
extensive so I had to lose the caning.
I upholstered one side in this ikat dot remnant.
On the other side,
I used a quilted linen which I appliqued 
with another bug.
 Here it is........before the trim
 And all trimmed out...
It's a pair...
just not an exact match.

Wow, these might just be my most bizarro
reupholstery yet.........
Just not my last!
(Matchy matchy is SO boring......)

I'll be taking these to my booth at
RVA Antiques on the Avenue.
The pair: $589

Any bug fanatics out there???

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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