Thursday, March 3, 2016

The "Blanket" Chair

 I was in a thrift shop this week, 
and saw this little chair…
I like chairs like this with removable cushions
because they are much easier to redo.
 Here's the back.
 It was missing its finials, 
so before I left the thrift store,
I tried to find something I could use...
 Bingo! Curtain rings and finials…..
 I sawed off the base…….these will work just fine.
So now, I busy myself with deconstruction.
I unscrewed the cushions, and then
removed all those nail heads and the fabric from the back.
 This is the tedious part: 
Removing nail heads and staples...
 Next, I use this
 to glue on the finials. 
Then I taped and let sit overnight...
while I continued to remove the covers.
I had just purchased these ethnic blankets...
 So I upholstered the cushions in one.
 Nice cozy, fireside chair!!!!
Next, I purchased this fabric at Joann Fabrics to use for the back.
I covered and glued to the cardboard I removed from the back.
 Now the chair is ready to be painted.
 I'm using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey.
 Two coats, then I waxed, 
and now it's time to do the arms.
 I cut pieces of the same fabric and upholstered the arms.
 Underneath, I stapled the first edge.
Then I wrapped the arm and secured the finished edge 
by hand stitching it to the first layer.

 After that, I reattached the cushions.
 Now for the back...
 Here's the covered cardboard…
I glued around the edges...
 Then used these strips of nail heads all along the perimeter.
Back's done.
 The last detail was adding nail heads to the arm edges.
 It's all finished, and looking great 
For sale $225.
I did a reset in my booth.
Take a look at all the wonderful treasures!!!!!

Let me know if you see anything you must have!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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