Saturday, March 12, 2016

Staging for Meredith's New Home: What a difference!

My client, Meredith, 
just moved into a cute little 
two bedroom home here in Richmond…
but it wasn't feeling very "homey" to her. 
Nothing worked quite right..
She hired me to come over and, 
"tweak" her home.

On the wall in the living room facing the front door,
your first view upon entry is the back of this chair at a desk. 
 Not very inviting!
I'd like to move this out of the living room,
maybe into a bedroom,
and find a nice console to position here.
To the left is the rest of the living room.
Meredith has a rug that is too small for the room,
and the furniture placement is off.
 Here you see the windows at the front of the house.
 The next room you walk through is the dining room,
(Sorry I didn't get better photos…)
which connects to the kitchen.
Meredith uses this room as her home office,
with her laptop and printer.
I'd like to get these out of the dining room!
 Down the hall, 
you find this guest bedroom.
The room has way too much furniture in it.
And I think the bed needs to 
go on the other wall to open up the space.
At the end of the hallway is the master.
Here's the view as you walk in. 
Absolutely no focal point...
On the wall to the left, 
Meredith has placed her bed.
And on the wall to the right.
her tv.

So...ready to see how a few changes and some rugs 
can help cozy up this home?

Welcome to Meredith's!
Here's the view you see now:
This fun chair and floor lamp.
 Here's the rest of living room.
Much improved!
I found this grey and beige rug that really helps
define this space and works beautifully with
all of Meredith's furniture.
I positioned the sofa on an angle
Now the room is conducive to conversation!
Pillows and a throw give more warmth...
And on to the dining room.
I found the rug on craigslist.
It's perfect with the espresso furniture.
We cleared out the office equipment,
and placed a wine rack and art on the back wall.

It's a lovely room that can be further cozied up by
Next, the guest bedroom.
SO much better!
The bed was placed on the far wall,
the tall chest of drawers was moved to the master.
Pictures were hung...
And we brought in this cedar chest which was 
at the foot of the bed in the master.
The textiles - pillows, rug - give this room so much warmth.
And placing pillows atop the chest makes it feel
more like a seat.
And finally, the master bedroom.
 Now the repositioned bed is the focal point!
 To the left, we brought in the tall chest of drawers 
from the guest bedroom. 
More storage is a good thing!
And the rug from the living room 
fits this space nicely,
and helps bridge this area...
to this one:
The home office area.
The chair and desk were brought in from the living room.
Meredith hung all her diplomas,
and now it feels like the perfect little
office set up!
We still need to hang art, 
and perhaps find a console 
- something like this - for the 
first impression wall
 in the living room.

But I have to say. 
It is feeling like a true home now.
Don't you agree?

Do your spaces need help?
I can help!
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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  1. The changes you made, although not extensive, made a huge difference in the feel of the rooms. Meredith had beautiful pieces to work with - what a great way to show them!