Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mirror Mirror and Happy New Year

I guess it's time to get off my arse 
and do some work soon!!!!!!!

Hard to jump back into it, 
so I'm easing in by hitting a few thrift stores...
Always on the prowl for things to sell in my booths, 
since i have two now:
and Greenwood Antiques & Uniques in Greenwood.

I picked up a couple of small wall mirrors this weekend.

Here's one I had my way with:
 It's a mirror with a place at the top for artwork.
 In this case it was a photo canvas 
of a lovely civil war re-enactment scene.
 I removed the canvas, 
and painted the mirror frame 
in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey.
 I added Old White on the details. 
Then finished off with clear and dark waxes.
I also used the Paris Grey to paint right over that photo canvas.
And then I painted a forest scene on it….
I call it "Purple Haze."
Put it back in the frame...
I think this would be a lovely front foyer piece.
It's going in my booth at RVA Antiques on the Avenue.
A mirror and original art. All in one.

And on my first walk of the new year,
two blocks in, 
I found this great vintage desk in an alley.
I'll be working on this soon...
And then there are the two french provincial chairs 
I have in my storage unit
that are going to be getting an awesome makeover soon…
 …as well as this KILLER bed!!!!!!!
which I'm going to be doing something fun with…….

it's going to be a full year
with lots and lots of fabulous makeovers!

There's just never enough time!! 
Or space!

Hope it's a great year for everyone!!!!!!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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