Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Frances' Bathroom Makeover

As we approach the Christmas holidays,
I will leave you with this recent makeover..
 Remember this bathroom I blogged about recently?
 Well, my client, Frances, 
had this bathroom that she hated.
And she couldn't get that beautiful rich gray out of her head….
did I think it would work in here?
 I told her I thought it would be stunning.
It would pull out the floor details...
 Integrate the shower and sink fixtures, 
which are currently light gray.
It would give the room some elegance,
and really pop all the white trim in the room.
 This bathroom -which is also the laundry room…
has pistachio green walls...
 …which go with absolutely nothing.
And there's a lot of wasted wall space, which
could be used for storage.
So while Frances went out of town for a few days,
I got to work.
I painted the walls in Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.
 Already the floor and fixtures look oh so much better!
I painted the black mirror above the sink to
marry it with the fixtures.
And then I got to the fun stuff:
I had this white shelf with metal brackets...
I painted the brackets to simulate cast-iron, and gave the
shelf a reclaimed wood finish.
I hung it above the toilet to hold towels.
Then I went around the house, 
pulling various things
from other rooms to dress this space.
This is a process and things move around a lot!

 I purchased a variety of towels and rugs…
And for art, again, 
I pulled from things in the house.
 This "art" is actually a framed guest list 
from Frances' son's recent wedding.
The white plays so well against the deep grey.
I added a plush grey area rug...
a narrow little table with a basket..
And I hung this vintage portrait
above the toilet.
Pops of red look wonderful and
dramatic against this grey!
 Over to the wall beside the stacked washer/dryer,
I added another pop of red...
I hung this ironing board-shaped rack.
(Note I also painted that little door to help it disappear.)

"Pressing Matters."
How perfect!
Great to hang towels, 
or clothes on hangers to dry..
 On top of the stacked units,
a large basket with handles hides all the laundry supplies.
The final touch was this little corner chair
that I cozied up next to the shower and  under the towels.
It's functional, and it makes the bathroom 
feel like a real room in the house!
REVISIT: From this...
AFTER: To This!
My work is done here.
Merry Christmas, and thank you for the project, Frances!

Need a room makeover?
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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