Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sharon's New Powder Room

So my client, Sharon, 
recently asked me to come over 
and help her with a decorating dilemma.

She had just created a powder room 
out of what used to be the back of her house…
and the entrance to a furnace room.

I love the beehive floor tile and
the vanity she had installed.
The room had been primed, 
except for this original siding on 
what was the back of the house.

She kept the existing window frame as well, 
and placed a mirror inside.
Pretty clever, I thought!

(If you look closely, you can see black specs 
where the side of the house had been hit over the years 
with the coal used to fire the furnace.)

She wanted to paint but had 
no idea what colors to go with,
or what to do with the siding.
Check out my solution!!
The walls were painted in BM Revere Pewter.
I painted the ceiling in BM Boothbay Gray.
And the siding, BM Chelsea Gray.
(I personally loved the patina of that original siding
but painting the walls just made it look dirty,
and it wasn't meshing with the new fixtures and vanity.)
I think this was a pretty great solution.
Painting the siding a deeper hue 
still makes it the focal point of the room.
And it looks divine with the window moulding 
which I painted in White Dove,
the same color as the other trim.
All that's needed now,
are a few pieces of wall art.
Quite tasty.
Tasty indeed!

Have a decorating dilemma at your house?
Perhaps I can help.
SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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