Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Scraphappy Ottoman: Using Men's Suit Jackets for Upholstery

I love this vintage ottoman, but the vinyl was cracking,
stuffing was coming out...
So today I decided to tackle her.
I taped the tears, and removed the fringe.
Added a couple of layers of batting to the top.
For fabric, I decided to use some leftover remnants
of men's suit jackets...
 So I just started piecing and sewing the fabrics together...
  After sewing the pieces together for the top, 
I hot glued the edges down.
Then I glued a piece of red trim around the perimeter of the top.

 Now for the rest….
I did the same thing, just pieced together fabrics…
It's like a puzzle.
  I tried to use pieces that had little surprises…
like this sleeve with it's suede elbow patch...
...working pockets. (Great for a remote!)
 Finished it off with a label from the lining...
 Definitely unique…….
 I do believe "she" has become a "he."
Let me test him out.
Yep, he works great!

Think outside the box, folks!
It's fun!!!!!!!!
And the end result is always a surprise!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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