Monday, May 4, 2015

Zebra Makeover for a Pair of Flea Market Chairs

 I purchased these chairs at a flea market in Ladysmith last month….
I don't know what they used to put on this double welting, 
but I literally stabbed myself in the palm
with a screwdriver trying to get this stuff off!
 It was the worst part of this makeover!
I painted the wood frames…
 After distressing, waxing, 
frames are done.
 I did away with the separate cushion. 
I added some extra batting,
then tightly covered
and stapled to secure the seat.
 Here it is, all nice and plump and ready for covering.
L O V E this fabric…….
I'm salivating all over myself.
Wilma feels the same way.
Front and bottom done.
Now for the arms...
I made piping and followed the existing fabric
as my template.
Then I glued/tacked on the arm covers.

 To cover all the staples, 
I cut and ironed strips from the same fabric.
I folded over all the raw edges, ironed, then glued in place.
I used oversized pewter nail heads for reinforcement.
And for the back,
I used a coffee bean sack.
Side one...
…and side two.
 One of my favorite makeovers…
I'm a sucker for frenchy chairs...
I do believe these are S O L D !!

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