Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ladies Dept. Only!!! Reinventing a Bookshelf

 I love giving new life to a tossed out piece….
Case in point: 
This small corner bookshelf.
Probably from Target or Walmart….
Just resting it on its side gave me an idea...
I painted it in a wash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.
Next I cut out pieces from an old wallpaper sample book...
and glued  to each of the three back sections.
Then I nailed a piece of scrap lumber to the bottom front.
And I used letter stencils…
 to stencil on "Ladies Dept Only."
(After all, it is rather frilly….)
I used brown paint and a tiny brush to add a shadow
detail to the letters.
After a little sanding and stain to age things a bit,
here she is.
My vintage style "ladies dept only" storage bin.
I put her in my booth 
and filled her with all sorts of girly stuff...
…and dang if she didn't sell like THAT!
(That's really the fun part.)
Thanks, Leslie, for the donation,
and, Holly, for the purchase!

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