Friday, May 22, 2015

Marrying a couple of yard sale pieces into something unique!!!!!

I found a bunch of cool stuff at a yardsale on Saturday.
Nothing really out of this world, but you know,
and cheap.
 This little needlepoint footstool.
And this strange little six-sided table/console…
that obviously was someone's DIY project gone bad...
I'm guessing at one time it had a hinged door where this
two sided opening is.
Someone had painted it black,
and added vinyl faux ostrich skin panels.
And ball and talon feet.
Go figure!
So since it was bizarre anyway,
I painted it in this bizarre paint color,
Maison Blanche's Peacock.
 And I mixed some Old White with it, 
and layered on some added coats.
 And then a little ASCP in Provence..
 And finally, Lime Wax in Chalk Grey. 
I pulled that ugly pleather thing off the top, too,
but painted all the sides.

And for the little footstool,
I painted the base, and
I added batting to plump up the top.

And recovered in this old muslin coffee sack..
And as I was looking at my creations last evening,
it dawned on me:
Why not make it into an end table with footstool storage!!!
The stool fits perfectly in the weird little opening,
and looks like a little padded door.
(I love when weird stuff like this happens!)
FOR SALE: $99 for the combo.

SheShe, The Home Magician

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