Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vintage Wicker Chair + Duvet Cover = Black & White Graphic Beauty!

This petite vintage wicker chair 
was given to me by my friend, Barbara..
 It's a sweet little piece, and in relatively good condition.
Except for the seat………
 I peeled away layers………
all safety pinned on….
 Until I got to this cover…..
 Oh, but wait….
there's more!!!!!
 There was nothing to staple to….no wooden frame,
so I first sewed a layer of batting onto the original cover, 
 and hand stitched it 
to the wire frame at the bottom.
 I had this great black and white Pottery Barn duvet cover for sale in my booth…
I thought the graphic would be perfect for this chair, so I pulled it,
cut a top and a banding strip,
and pinned/sewed the banding along the top edge…….
 Then I again whipstitched the bottom to the wire frame.
 Since the wicker part was in really good condition,
I just used a Sharpie black paint pen to touch up here and there...
And it's in my booth at Greenwood Antiques.
I already had the black and white pillow.
A perfect ensemble!
The chair is for sale: $125.
Pillow: $25
Thanks, Barb!
Donations to the SheShe rehab pool are always appreciated!

And just wait 'til you see what I did with the rest of the duvet cover…….!!!!!!

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