Friday, May 8, 2015

The Evolution of Buddha

I purchased this recently.
Do I need a Buddha????? 
Why did I buy a Buddha?
because I  knew I could make him look better!!!
Right now he's just all black and boring…
there's no depth…
but I see what he could be!!!!!!
I started this transformation 
by sponging him all over 
with Maison Blanche furniture paint in Navy. 
(This is my first use of this paint 
which I purchased at RVA Antiques.
So far, I like it…it's got great coverage,
very creamy…and I love the colors!)
 Next up, 
I sponged on splotches of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 
in Napoleonic Blue.
(ASCP will always be my fav…….
I've been using it for years..
But it's always nice to try something different….)
 Next, I dry brushed with ASCP in Greek Blue.
 After that dried I added MB Peacock….
and then mixed it with a little ASCP Old White.
Love this color!!!!!!!
 Oh yes………..
He's looking quite lovely…
Here he is after I waxed with clear and Lime Wax.
 Final touch: A little King Gold Guilding Wax 
along some of the edges.
He's beautiful.
And he's an original now.
Light and love to you all.
Buddha goes to Greenwood tomorrow.

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