Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Old Victorian Settee Gets New Duds!!!! Oh MY!!

 I purchased a set of old victorian furniture back in the fall.
The velvet upholstery was disintegrating and in terrible shape.
Tons of tufting……..
 But OMG, look at the amazing wooden frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I redid the chair and sold it last year…….
it was a big hit and even made the local paper design section!
(Mainly 'cuz I put a little pocket in the chair front to hold 
a remote or a book….)
But after ripping off all the upholstery on the settee,
it was too much to tackle at the time, 
so it went into my mom's basement.
All winter…...
This past week,
I finally brought this thing out…
First job was to remove all the tacks and nails…..
I was then left with this.
The seat and springs are still intact, 
but everything else needs to be rebuilt.
 First up,
I painted the frame in Annie Sloan Pure White.
Then I used Maison Blanche's Lime Wax in Chalk Grey...
 I didn't have any webbing, so I created my own 
using doubled sewn fabric strips
made from some dated upholstery fabric.
 I used a vintage wool blanket to line the front 
and also added a double layer of batting to the seat before covering it.
 Upholstery is like a logic problem:
You have to do the steps in a sequence that makes sense.
The seat comes first….
I'm using the rest of this awesome black and white
duvet cover that I used in yesterday's makeover...
After the seat is done,
I move to the arms.
They had to be rebuilt with lots of batting, 
then covered in the wool,
and then the fabric.
This was the hardest part….
 I added double batting to the chair front, and then covered it. 
 And lastly, the back...
 I added batting and a sub cover..
 And finally, the fabric.
 Along all the edges, I stapled after pulling the fabric tight.
I really love that the print is totally unexpected…
and…well, just wacky for this old victorian piece.
 I used a natural gimp to trim out all the external edges - 
where the fabric meets the frame.
 For the seams where fabric meets fabric, 
I used self welting, with buttons for 
a bit of whimsy.
 I also placed buttons on the back 
where the gimp meets the self welting.
 And this baby is……...
 F I N I !
 It looks glorious in my booth at Greenwood Antiques.
For sale……$465.

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