Thursday, March 12, 2015

Goodwill Laminate TV Stand….Chic MCM Chevron Makeover!!

 What cool chick wouldn't want this as a bedside table??
 But here's how it looked when I found it at
 I decided to experiment on the doors first…
I used turquoise and white zig-zag adhesive shelf paper.
I wasn't sure I could adhere it without screwing it up…
worked like a charm…so...
 Next I primed the piece with shellac primer..
 I painted the piece in Folk Art Craft Paint in Calypso Sky
 Cut a piece from some random cardboard to fit the back...
 I covered it as well in the shelf paper...
 I also cut a piece for the inside bottom and covered that as well.
 I attached the back piece by nailing it all around the four edges.
 I glued in the bottom piece,
and the doors slip into slots.
I replaced the boring pulls with two floral knobs.
 Here it is in my booth at Greenwood Antiques and Uniques.

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