Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun, Cheap and Unique Stair Treads

 I love my new stair treads!!
I just made them this morning;)
Have you tried to find any of late?
If so, this is what you can find…….
Pretty B O R I N G.
 When I was at Lowes earlier this week, 
I spotted this neoprene runner…
Are you thinking what I'm thinking??
 It has this type backing, very non-skid….it clings to stairs.
 So I did a little measuring and cutting...
 I was able to get four treads out of each rug.
 About $6 a piece.
I rounded off the edges...
 And that was that.
These are really great to protect the steps.
AND your guests.
Especially if you live in my house…
The house of steps….
Wilma approved.

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