Monday, March 16, 2015

Butlers Table Makeover

 Here's another piece I just finished...
 We've all seen these….
the sides fold up to simulate a tray.
 My friend, Frances, gave me this one, 
but it had lots of water damage on the
veneer. It was buckled all around the edges,
so I used a scraper to got it off as best I could.
 I primed, and then I puttied 
all the lovely gouges that I put in the wood.
 That's okay, though. 
It's R U S T I C. 
Here it is sanded and painted 
in Annie Sloan Old White.
 I decided to add a little "eye candy" 
as a distraction, so I used painter's tape
and taped off lines in the center. 
I painted these in Greek Blue.
 Here it is after I removed the tape.
 Next, I distress sanded...
 Then waxed with clear and dark waxes.
I think it's rather sweet.
In my booth at Greenwood Antiques.
Looks great with this pair of wingbacks...
 still available @ $900/pair.

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