Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Scrap Happy Chair with Faux Tufting!! Tub Chair Makeover #2

I don't know if you remember this pair of tub chairs I found a few months ago.
The first one I blogged about here:
 I reupholstered it and sold it in my booth.
The style really wasn't me, it was a little "brothel-esque."
but sometimes I think it's a good exercise…
to do something that's not your particular style. 
Anyway, SOMEONE liked it 'cuz it sold.
 Well with all this nasty dreary weather,
yesterday I decided to pull out the other one that's been in my garage, 
and finally work on it inside.
And wait til you see the makeover on this one…
which is totally me.
Because  I bought nary one thing to work on it..
I used scraps and remnants and materials I already had on hand:  
A burlap sack, a white tiered skirt, some trim, 
fabric scraps,  glue, staples.  
So here we go:
Step one: I covered the chair front in a piece of drop cloth.
I decided to try a shortcut here: 
I literally hot glued the fabric onto all the existing buttons 
and into the crevices to simulate tufting.
Worked like a charm!
I stapled the edges of the drop cloth around the edge of the back.
Next I cut off the tiered part of a white skirt to use in the front.
I pinned it to this linen remnant I cut for the seat top.
Then I machine sewed the skirt edge along the edge of the seat.
If you look closely, you can see the seam down the middle of the fabric.
I pieced the graphic together from two small fabric pieces.
Next, I used this old piece of burlap that a client gave me 
left over from her chair project. 
(Thanks, Mandy!)
I glued/stapled it to the backside.
 Then I used this pompom trim to cover all the edges 
along the sides and top of the back.
I "embraced" the burlap:
Printing, holes, snags and all!
 I am so loving this chair!!!!!!
 Oooh, and then I had a great idea!!
I started cutting out the little pompoms on the last piece of trim.
 …and glued them right where the buttons would be.
How stunning is this!
Looks like perfect little velour covered buttons!
(I swear to you, this is all that remained:
two pompoms!)

And finally, I decided to paint the scuffed up legs. 
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue, 
and then added felt pads to the bottoms.
 Oh yes, 
now the legs make a statement 
down there under the burlap.
 And obviously, 
someone else loves this chair.
 I must say, 
her blue eyes look awfully beautiful against the fabric….
Love this scrap happy chair!!!!!!!!!!
It's perfectly me.
It's perfectly SheShe.

This is a short chair, with excellent springs…
very supportive and comfortable.
The perfect boudoir chair!
If you're interested in it, let me know.
Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow!

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