Saturday, May 3, 2014

Up on the Roof: A rooftop deck comes to life every spring with salvaged materials.

Welcome to my little home...
Where upstairs,
I have this awesome deck…

Every year at this time, 
it gets reinvented.
Always different, 
but I use the same pieces over and over until they give out...
In the past, it's looked like this...
and this...
At one time I even had a little shower set up here...
Then I have a covered portion..
Isn't this sweet? This lovely little daybed?
(before I broke it putting it up one year.)
I have spent many days up here in the treetops……
thankful for my own little private nirvana.
back to present day…
The deck is open for the season!
Come on up and let me show you
this year's space.
Watch your step.
Street side, where you catch the breeze, 
I have a couple of vintage rattan chairs.
They flank this little antique humidor.
Oh look,
it appears someone is already up here…
I hope we're not disturbing you, Wilma...
At the back,
I have a thriftstore swing...
What's a porch without a swing?
A vintage wicker rocker...
And then looking back to the entrance..
A table and mismatched chairs for al fresco dining.
There is nothing new up here folks!
The inside wall holds all sorts of fun things..
 I've used lots of thrift store finds, 
and architectural salvage up here.
Hanging on the windows above the "dining area,"
yep, those are the head/footboards to the broken daybed.
Plants will grow over and around everything during the summer.
These wonderful folk art masks were just given to me by my friend, Bonita.
Her hubby said they had to go…….
I do believe they will be happy here!
A rusty antique scale holds a plant.
Turquoise wall shelf and bench 
supply lots of surface area for plants and STUFF.
Now whenever you have upholstered furniture outside,
you have to have some weather protection.

So here's a little set up I've devised:
I have some old windows that protect part of the interior.
 And folding shutters on the other side.
Above these, 
I have two shutters that are hinged to the top.
They are held up by this piece of curtain rod…
To raise the shutters, 
I put the tip of the rod in this bottle cap
I have screwed into the shutter...
And then I put the base of the rod in this flagpole holder..
(Ingenius, right?)
 When the storm cometh, 
I put that shutter down and hook it to the window...
Then I pull over these "accordion" shutters to close the gap.
Hey, it all works...
Inside on the top floor, 
I have this little loft…
 Where i have lots more architectural pieces..
This wonderful window came from my hometown church…
It's been to California and back again!
I moved this mock daybed
inside this year..
The loft serves as my guest bedroom.
In the stairwell going downstairs,
 I have my collection
of vintage military corps photos.
This one has my Dad's military ID, 
a photo of the ship he was on...
And my dad…top center.
Wasn't he handsome?

Every time I climb the stairs,
I salute them all!

…as I head…
Up on the roof.

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  1. I love your home. It looks as though it was once a shop. The deck is wonderful. I'd love to see it sometime. See you at Greenwood. I'd still like to work something out with you on the lovely flowered chandelier you have in your booth. Fondly, Margaret