Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Molly's Screened-in Back Porch Makeover REVEAL

It's done.
It was a lot of hard work,
but I had a blast working on this porch!
Took me the entire Memorial Day weekend, plus!

Let me refresh:
Here's the BEFORE:
Original screen door.

As you walk in, on the right side are two black wicker chairs.

Looking into back of house.

To the right of the back door is this mini fridge topped with granite.

To the left of the backdoor is a wicker etagere.

Molly uses this as her "entertainment center."
A flat basket hides her TV.

(Sorry for the bad exposure.)
Rattan sofa topped with bedspread to hide tired cushions.
Vintage dark rattan sofa with red cushion.
Along each screened side is this plant ledge that's painted in dark red.

Glass top coffee table. Bare concrete floors.

Above, a dated ceiling fan.

And ceiling with peeling paint.

Looking out to backyard.
Back of screen door.
Yep, I say, time to leave this tired old porch.
And here we go.
First, I scraped, spot primed then
painted the ceiling in this lovely aqua,
Sherwin Williams Cay.
 The existing fan worked, 
it was just ugly. 
So I spray painted it!
I painted the base the same color as the ceiling
so it appears to float.
 And instead of buying new glass globes, 
I replaced all the bulbs with these edison bulbs,
for a retro vibe.
I primed all the furniture and the ledges.
And then I started the painting.
Ready for the tour?

Welcome to Molly's refreshed porch.
I replaced the screen door.

I primed and spray painted a new galvanized handle in a deep teal. 

Come on in.
I painted the two chairs in a mid tone blue.

I like to use exterior house paint for outdoor furniture
because it holds up better.

In the corner, I added a vintage two tiered rattan table.
And hung a piece of stained glass.
I added Molly's mid-century table lamp,
a vintage inspired fan,
and a plant.

All the furniture cushions and pillows got new slipcovers.
Nothing polished, very simple,
and everything can be removed for washing.
And to the left of the backdoor…
check it out!
The new bar/entertainment center!
I took a rattan console,
added old shutters to the front.
I painted them in a khaki, then distressed sanded the edges.
Then I used some spray paint in oil rubbed bronze...
And softly "hit" the edges with a little dry brushing.
On each side, I added chicken wire
that I also spray painted in the dark bronze,
then lined with fabric.
Plants perch on the top shelf of the unit.
When Molly wants to watch TV,
she just folds back the shutters. Genius!
Inside, there are little pockets on either side
to hold remotes and guides.
Then I used some old picket fencing...
..and built a side for the mini-fridge.
Great camouflage and looks oh so much nicer
than the side of a refrigerator!
I used the same paint technique as on the shutters:
I painted khaki, then dry brushed some white,
and then the oil rubbed bronze..
You need to keep a light touch when doing this - less is more!
It looks like a built-in unit!
Then over to the left of the fridge,
I simply laid a piece of granite along the window sill and
the plant ledge, and made a support for the other side.
It makes the perfect bar/ pass through from the kitchen.
Great for serving food/drinks, and general entertaining.

Back to the sitting area.
I painted the rattan sofa in the same blue as the two chairs.
And slipcovered all the cushions.
The dark wicker sofa I softened by painting khaki.
I cut down a duvet cover for a quick and easy sofa cushion cover.
An area rug warms up that cold concrete,
as does a wicker basket on the glass top.
I used fabrics for all the pillows so they could be swapped out
and used on all the different pieces.
And then my very favorite part of a makeover:
Staging the space with all of
 Molly's little treasures.
This part makes me so happy!
Have you noticed how much she loves….

They bring back all her memories
of visiting Thailand.
This little carved bird..
…finds the PERFECT perch!
A trio of faces hang above the screen door.
Aren't crickets good luck?
In the late evening,
I love how the light reflects off the window and stained glass.
It is so inviting…
such a calming, restful space.
(And look!! Clothes on the line!
A girl after my own heart!)
I used one of Molly's little rugs to spruce up the back entrance.
Notice how I painted the back of the door
and that ledge the softest spring green,
and now they just disappear into the yard.
Molly's garden shoes at the back door.
This is just the sweetest space now!
She looks pretty dang happy to me!
Thanks SO MUCH for a fantastic project, Molly!!
Enjoy your new space!!

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