Saturday, May 24, 2014

TEASER: Molly's Screened-in Porch Makeover

Okay, so usually I don't blog about a space
until AFTER I've transformed it.
But today,
I'm doing something a little differently…
I'm going to give you just the BEFORE
of a screened-in porch makeover
I'm doing for my client/friend, Molly.

Why you ask?

Because I haven't finished it!!!

I'll be working on it all Memorial Day weekend…….

I love sinking my teeth into a project like this..
Molly is the bomb to work with!
She loves the things I love,
like reinventing, recycling, working with what you have, etc.

So….grab your bloody mary and without further ado,
let's take the tour:
This is a great space.
Molly just wants to spruce it up a bit.
I love her use of salvaged pieces and family heirlooms.
Vintage wicker sofa...
Screen door leads to the backyard.
Coffee table is glass over a pedestal. 
Floors are painted tan.
Screened in on three sides...
A little mini-fridge sits beside the door leading into the kitchen.
I think I definitely need to replace or paint this door……
(As I was here for a consultation, 
hailstones actually flew in through this doggy door.
It was some storm!)
Around the three screened-in sides is a ledge for plants...
Couple of black wicker chairs with little stools….
Molly's outdoor entertainment center is over on the back wall. 
Ha. A wicker etagere with a basket for cover.
Right hand side coming into porch from back door.
Looking into house.
Celing fan could use an update too...
And the ceiling is in disrepair.

Have any ideas what I might be planning?
Stay tuned for the transformation, folks!!!!!

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