Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trashed Child's Table & Chair Set Gets a Colorful New Life!!!!

remember this trash find I showed you yesterday?
A children's table and chair set..
Flintstone like legs.
Very sturdy because the leg bases are chunky.
 They were so filthy…..
Even after a good scrubbing they were pretty yukky:
 Here's what I did to reinvent this set:

 Spray paint baby!
Yep, you can spray plastic with spray paint.
So I did...

 Each chair got a poppy new color.
 Next, I traced out words on tracing paper.
(After doing this, flip over, and use graphite to draw the outlines of the letters again…
on the reverse side of the tracing paper.)
Then position the word  where you'd like it to appear on the chair.
 Then use a hard tipped pen or pencil to trace the letters.
When you remove the paper, you'll have an outline.
 And then, just fill in with paint.  
I used Sharpie paint pens.
 Cute, huh?
Here is the finished set:
Meet "draw, play, laugh and read."
 And finally, the table…."dream."
Welcome to the Bedrock Cafe!
And to think someone was tossing this set…………!!
Available for purchase. $95.
Thanks for looking!

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