Monday, August 15, 2016

Using old deck siding for a reclaimed wood wall!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my little rooftop deck...
Pretty close to nirvana!
But unfortunately, 
it's got to go!
I need a new roof and so it all must come up,
the roof replaced,
and the deck rebuilt.
Just inside, on the third floor, 
is my little loft bedroom....
It's been sort of dullsville up here lately,
so I came up with a clever idea!
I'm going to start removing the vertical wood slats on the deck...
Come see what I'm up to!!!!!!!!!
I cleared everything from the wall in the loft, and about midway
up the wall, I drew a level line...
And I began nailing up the wood slats.
 It was quite easy!
I'm already LOVING this patina!!!!!
A few saw cuts...
 and lots of nails.
(I didn't want to use adhesive because If I ever want it gone,
I would have to replace all the drywall...)
Build that wall!!!!!!!!
Maybe I should call this my Trump bedroom! 
Naw, I don't think so...
The only tricky part was at the top of the wall,
where the ceiling is on a slant...
but I used my jigsaw to cut diagonally..
I'll add a piece of molding later.

Okay are you ready for the tour???????????
Come on up to the third floor!
At the landing, 
I hung this peg rack and a painting....
Great place for hanging stuff!
And it fills that huge vertical space.
Here you can see over to the bedroom area...
Here's my new wall!!!!!!
Isn't it fab?
I feel like I'm at grownup camp!
I got to work decorating/propping with all my favorite things...
I brought in this little hippityhoppity lamp 
from another room
I love white against this wall!
On the wall above,
I  hung art and a mirror.
This little round mirror reminds me of a port hole.
These were my actual mittens as a child.
The top of an old rake makes a great hook rack!
Fishy watering can was a gift from my dear friends, Andy & Cristie.
It makes me smile!
Above that, I hung this Ikea floating white shelf, an alley find.
It holds my collection of antique enamelware pitchers.
I used a thrift bunk bed ladder to hold lots of blankets
and flour sack quilts made by my grandmothers.
On this one, 
my grandmother embroidered family members' initials.
"ACH" stands for Archibald Cornelius Hite,
my maternal great-grandfather.
To the right of the ladder, 
I placed an old industrial
locker. More great storage, and it takes up little
floor space.
I painted and recovered a little antique chair..
 And added a fun kitty pillow, another great gift 
from my friend, Kim.
And an antique rug warms up the wood floor.
Above the bed, 
I hung an original landscape of Massanutten Mountain
painted by a friend's grandmother.
On the back wall,
I hung several mirrored windows
to reflect light and make the space feel more open.
I hung a couple of small landscapes on the middle one.
Front wall.
Here I hung a wall mirror, 
another alley find that I painted.
 I may never leave this new space!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
What a wonderful cozy retreat!
 The deck?  
Ah, not so much
It's been raped!
I'm off to camp in the mountains!
Time to snuggle up with a book and a kitty.
Life is good!

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox


  1. That is fantastic, Shee! Glad you salvaged the memorabilia :-)

    1. Absolutely! Too many stories...if wood could talk. ;)