Sunday, August 14, 2016

A SheShe Bathroom Makeover: Institutional to Sweet!

This makeover is from a few years ago, 
but it's one of my favorites...
BEFORE: Come on in...
The walls are painted institutional green....
Two large mirrors on the wall.
Below the left is a vanity cabinet,
And the brown countertop goes on and on.....
What a waste of space!
Pot lights above the counter...
To the left is the bath/shower.
In the back is the toilet and a window.
And the floor...
It's this weird pickled looking wood...
Let the makeover begin!!!!
I took out the counter and the huge mirrors.
A plumber will be installing the pedestal sink.
For now,  I "patched" the hole in the floor 
leftover from the vanity cabinet.
I installed beadboard on the walls...
Here it is all finished and painted.
I ran it about 2/3rds up the walls
and then added molding.
I installed two medicine cabinets on the wall.
And I added a freestanding narrow console
which I painted white below the second cabinet.
It mimics the look of two sinks..
And the floor!
I painted it in it a two tone diamond pattern.
Then distress sanded and sealed.
I primed, then  painted the walls in BM Yarmouth Blue, 
and all the trim in BM White Dove.
I added all sorts of hooks and wall art....
And remember the window?
I added bulleyes and molding
to beef up the trim.
It looks so much better.
I installed a tortoise shell rattan shade.
On the back wall - the one with no windows -
I added a mirror to reflect light and 
open up the space.
And finally, 
I removed the canned light between the two medicine cabinets
and added this thrift store
pendant light from Restoration Hardware.
To soften that bright overhead light.
Revisit: Before...
And after!

SO much better...
I'd love to see it again, 
but the owners sold the house right after this work!!!

Have a bathroom that needs fixing?????

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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