Friday, August 12, 2016

Newly Upholstered Set of Parsons Chairs Gets SheShe Scraphappiness!

 I bought this used set of parsons chairs from a dealer recently.
 I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on them......
and strip that nasty brown...
 A trip to UFab...
and I found some great fabrics to use...
Step one: Remove the dust cover and all the staples...

Then I can just "scalp" these babies!

 The foam is in great shape.....
and all the leather is going to a friend that
makes purses, so it's all going to be recycled.
I love that...
I start with the seats......
I chose this medium weight fabric..
Sturdy and wearable.......
I cut a piece, then pull taut around the edges and front,
and staple to the underside.
Next I pull the fabric through

to the back...

then staple to secure.

then I move to the chair front.

Same idea, stapling along the back edges.
 Next I cut and staple a piece of
buckram to the back...

Over that,
I add this fabric,
folding and stapling along the edges.

Then I glue on this tobacco colored gimp
to cover all the staples.

I use recycled antique bronze nail heads to secure the edges.

I add a dust cover,
and it's done!
Ooh la la!!!!! 
These are pretty awesome,
if I say so myself.
And back.
Here they are in my booth at
(Previously "RVA Antiques on the Avenue.)
At Patterson and Libbie.
The set of four chairs is $479.
They look amazing
with this round glass top, 
scrolly metal base table. $189.

SheShe, The Home Magician
Sheila Fox

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